Navajo County Sheriff’s Office 2017 Looking Back and Moving Forward

Navajo County Sheriff’s Office 2017  Looking Back and Moving Forward

The Navajo County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO) had a busy year in 2017 with numerous accomplishments on capital projects that will improve customer service and public safety for Navajo County residents. Some highlights of these projects that came on line in 2017, include the completion of Sheriff’s 911 dispatch center technology upgrade.

The NCSO dispatch center now has 7 new dispatch stations, that have computer aided dispatch counsels. Radio enhancements were included for better field communications. This project was paid for with federal and state grants and used no Navajo County taxpayer general funds.

The Show Low Public Safety building became operational. This was a Navajo County Sheriff’s Office / City of Show Low partnership that has a substation for NCSO in Show Low, as well as a 28-bed detention facility for the south county. Co-locating south patrol and Criminal Investigation operations alongside Show Low Police personnel, will increase communication between both agencies that will provide better customer service for all county residents. The Show Low Jail allow south county law enforcement agencies and NCSO quicker times for prisoner processing allowing Officers and Deputy’s to get back on the street.

NCSO in collaboration with the Arizona Department of Public Safety and our regional law enforcement partners, were successful in obtaining a VITRA 300 training simulator for our White Mountain region. This $300,000.00 state funded simulator places the student into a virtual 360 theater where sight and sound are interactive requiring the participant to use their judgement skills. Navajo County’s Building and Grounds department built a staging area in a vacant county building at the county complex. NCSO is maintaining and hosting the simulator for all of White Mountain law enforcement. There are 6 of these “state of the art” training simulators around Arizona.

During the calendar year of 2017 the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls for the calendar year.

NCSO Dispatched events: 7768
NCSO / Holbrook P.D. traffic stops: 8560
All 911 Calls for service 14,864

NCSO Civil Deputies accomplished the following activities.
Our deputies served 787 criminal subpoenas, summons and indictments which is a 42% increase in activity resulting in 1405 separate individuals served.

For delinquent tax collection our civil deputies collected approximately $221,467.95 and an additional $23,903.23 in abatement fees. These funds go directly to the Navajo County General Fund.

NCSO implemented an Unmanned Hybrid Vehicle (UHV) unit and acquired 4 units qualifying 4 operators that are certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. The UAV’s have been deployed in numerous search and rescue cases as well as criminal situations for Officer Safety. NCSO UAV operators have been requested to render their assistance to numerous outside agencies for cases in surrounding jurisdictions. The NCSO UHV unit is comprised of sworn deputies as well as volunteers.

NCSO’s Criminal Investigations Division is comprised of one lieutenant, one sergeant and three detectives. They handled 149 cases last year. The breakdown on cases are as follows:

Three homicides
Nineteen death investigations
One fatal collision
Four aggravated assaults
One elder abuse
Forty-five sex crimes
Ten child abuse cases
Two child pornography cases
Fifty-five forensic interviews
One arson
One fraud case.

The Major Crime Apprehension Team (MCAT) is comprised of personal from NCSO, Show Low PD, Snowflake PD Pinetop PD and Winslow PD handled the following cases resulting in:
People Arrested: 290
Gun Seizures: 35

Drugs Quantity Dosage Units Street Value

Marijuana 384 lbs. 6144 Ounces $1.9 Million
Methamphetamine 51 lbs. 23133 Grams $356,000
Heroin 11 lbs. 4989 Grams $254000
Cocaine 34 lbs. 15422 Grams $790,500
Prescription Drugs 56 Dosage Units $1,120
Fentanyl 1.5 lbs. 6.8 Million Micrograms $50,000
LSD 6 Dosage Units $480
MDMA 1014 Dosage Units
Synthetic Marijuana 32 lbs. 512 Ounces $160,000
THC Resin 27 lbs. 432 Ounces $189,000
Marijuana Plants 189 plants 378 Pounds $9,470

Navajo County Jails

For calendar 2017 we have processed an excess of over 6,000 incoming arrestees or “bookings”. Our Show Low Jail facility absorbing just over 1,000 of those arrested and booked, which equates to approximately 4,000-man hours return instead of loss to transportation fees to the Holbrook Jail. This volume of detainees has resulted in an average daily capacity of over 400 detainees in our county jail facilities. NCSO continues to partner with the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the White Mountain Apache Tribe and assist them with detention services that supplement a revenue stream for the County

Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteer “SAV”

Our SAV provide numerous services to the Sheriff’s Office and the citizen of Navajo County, one of the most popular is the “house watch” program. This year the SAV sign up the 500th participant in their house watch program. In addition to assuring the physical security if county residents houses, their patrols provide increased law enforcement visibility in neighborhoods. The SAV supplement uniform Deputies and provide traffic control, crime scene security, and evidence collection. For the Sheriff’s Office the SAV logged 13,581 hours. This translates into a cost savings of $284,386.00 to the Navajo County taxpayer. In addition to volunteer time the SAV commit to the Sheriff’s Office, the individual units devote time as well as money they raise for local community projects.